Saturday, May 11, 2013



It has been quite a journey but thanks to the hard work, persistence and patience of Paul and Marty Law the great folks with Appointment Congo, water is flowing to the Methodist Mission of Diengenga at Lodja!!!

They have overcome many obstacles, resistance and hardship but water is now pumping up that big ole hill to the mission station.

God bless Paul and Marty, Pastor Kitambala and all the workers who made this happen.

And God Bless all of the wonderful supporters of drops of grace who provided prayers and financial gifts as without them this would not have been possible.

There is still work to be done but water is now flowing up the hill to the mission station for the first time since the early 1970's. This is truly a blessing and life changing for thousands of people in Lodja.


The following is the email I received earlier today from Paul

Dear Phil, Kip and friends of Drops of Grace,

It is my distinct pleasure and honor to be able to inform you that as of this afternoon Lodja time, there is water on the Methodist Mission of Diengenga at Lodja!!! People are ecstatic and there was a big to do over blessing the water, the system, the tower and those who helped make it all possible.

Pastor Kitambala was faithful to remind the villagers and church leaders assembled that it was your gift, vision and encouragement that has made it all possible.

A faucet has been set up near the tower to supply people immediately and we have already begun digging up the old distribution pipe to see what can be used and what needs to be replaced. We will be trying to locate distribution points strategically around the mission to serve everyone as best we can.

There has been some tweaking that had to be done on the hydram, but it has found its pace and is now pumping water steadily up the hill. It is a wonderful day for the people at Diengenga.

Blessing to you all, Paul


And yes I asked for pictures and will post them as soon as I get them.