Monday, July 27, 2009

Show me Your glory...

I'd like you to meet Agnes (on the left). Agnes is a native Malawian woman who volunteers for Somebody Cares - Malawi (Theresa Malila). She spends her days as a Community Leader working with village volunteers within the surrounding villages of her community. She is an angel on earth. Her smile is contagious and her sweet and humble nature is calming. Her energy for her people, especially women and children, is boundless and it is an honor to be in her presence. Mary (on right) is yet another volunteer who spends her days visiting women and children in her community. She, too, is a community leader with Somebody Cares-Malawi. Mary has a little spark to her. She has a keen sense of humor and gives new meaning to joy that is found in everyday life. She is a born teacher and takes every opportunity to help the azungu (white person) understand her culture and people. You will always have a homework assignment with Mary. She is a treasure.

Both these ladies are Angels among us. They glorify God. They do not draw attention to themselves. They work quietly behind the scenes and when the work is done they leave quietly. It is said, "are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?" hebrews 1:14. Agnes and Mary are ministering every day, unconditionally, non judgementally, they are the true epitome of what it means to Glorify God. I am convinced that when I reach heaven I will find these beautiful ladies walking in companionship with Christ Jesus. They bring such joy to everyone who comes in their path. We were blessed to have these two with us every day of our journey and I feel blessed to call them friend.
I woke and asked God to "show me Your glory" today. He sent me Agnes and Mary.
God Bless,

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