Monday, July 12, 2010

Trouble in Uganda

Dear Friends,
You may have learned that last evening during the World Cup Finals twin deadly bombs went off in the capital city of Kampala, Uganda.  74 people were killed.  This is a very sad day for Uganda.  Michelle, our college intern, was there but if you've been following the blog you know that she was moved to the Watoto location at Suubi, which is 45 minutes from Kampala - Praise God. We are so thankful that Michelle is okay, but unfortunately there are still many in the rubble. 

We are praying for our friends in Uganda at Watoto Childens Center & Humble School and for our brothers and sisters in mission who are lending their time and talents to the people of Uganda but most especially, we pray for peace in Uganda and for everyone who is today sad and scared and lonely that they come to know the mercy in God.

Below is Michelle's latest blog.  She is still pressing on with an amazing spirit for Christ.  We are very proud of her and all the work she continues to do with those precious babies.  God Bless.
Peace,  Diane

Meet Baby Blake.  Super Cute right?!  =D

So it’s been a little while since I last wrote…

Last night was the World Cup final, which we watched downstairs with the night shift nannies. It was quite fun, but sad to see the Netherlands lose. Then apparently after the game, two bombs in Kampala went off, killing 64 people and counting. One bomb was not far from where I was staying before I came here to Suubi. I’m so thankful that I’m currently 45 minutes away in from the city, because I’m sure it’s crazy down there. Pray for the victims, and Mulago Hospital where most of the people are being taken. It’s not a very good hospital, and is where Watoto gets some of its babies. It’s a sad day for Uganda and many people are still missing from the explosions. I just can’t believe I was so close to it all, and am so thankful to be safe.

Things at Suubi have been pretty slow. Just work and hanging out in the evenings. We’re now trying to do some developmental activities with the children during the times they aren’t feeding, like sensory exercises and practice crawling and strengthening muscles. We also have Freedom Fridays, where the kids get to do something extra fun like play in the water or with goop or play dough. I’ll also be working more with the special needs kids, called the lions, this week and going with a few of them to physical therapy on Thursday. They are all such sweet kids who really love to drool.

Anyways, that’s about it from around here. I am so blessed to be able to love on each of these kids every day, and that they have a God filled environment and safe place to live. So cool what is going on here in Suubi.
All glory to Him,  Michelle

Freedom Friday!  Yeah!!

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