Monday, August 13, 2012

Little Wonders...


Chief Theresa Malila - Somebody Cares-Malawi

     During our first team’s visit to Malawi, Chief Theresa, Executive Director and Founder of Somebody Cares-Malawi, took the drops of grace   medical team to visit at the local hospital.  They met with the Head Mistress and gave T-shirts & blankets along with a “cutie baby” to the babies recently born.  As they were there, a beautiful little girl was born.  While Chief Theresa chatted with the new Mom she discovered there was no money for diapers, blankets, or clothes. Happily this precious little wonder was gifted with a new blanket; baby t-shirt, and a cutie baby.  As Chief Theresa cuddled & cooed with the baby, she dressed her, wrapped her in warm blankets and smiled with the new momma. Thanks to a Chief’s heart for her people, and the generous donations provided by St. David's North Austin Medical Center and various volunteers who made the precious Cutie Babies, a complete stranger was shown tremendous love.  This is just one story of many.  This is Somebody Cares, and we are blessed to go alongside them. 

…. It’s the heart that matters in the end.

    Peace & Grace,
    Diane Bouchard (VP International Operations)

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