Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Power of Love... by Katie Kelley

The Power of Love...  by Katie Kelley

Although I was only in Malawi for a short time, I saw something that lasts a very long time. I saw love. I saw what it truly meant to love one another. I saw how one can be compelled by love and do great things in the name of Jesus. I saw a love that last forever. This is God’s love for these precious people and their love for others.

Within minutes of being in Malawi, I saw love in our driver, Moses, his sweet smile and joy for his passengers. I saw love as we drove through the city and children beamed with light as they yelled, “azungu!”.  As our work began the staff of Somebody Cares were overflowing with love for the ground-shaking work they were doing in numerous communities. In the volunteer home based care workers I saw love as they brought food, God’s word, and a heart full of compassion to their beloved patients. 

My encounters with love were endless in Malawi.

God’s love for us is endless. There is nothing we can do to make him love us more or less. He just wants us to love Him back. The people of Malawi showed me what it truly meant to love Christ back. I pray that we can be a nation that encompasses what it means to love one another.

Go love!

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