Friday, June 25, 2010

The simple significance of washing our feet...

Michelle continues her journey and teaches us about unexpected love and joy. 

Everyone should go on a safari once in their life.
The seven hour drive on a dirt road from Kampala to up north at the Paraa Safari Lodge was a long one, but so worth it. We saw the Murchison Falls which were beautiful and then headed to our super nice lodge. We think we got more than we paid for. Buffets are awesome.

That night, friday, we went on a game drive and saw everything we could, lions, elephants, giraffes... so great. Then in the morning we went on another game drive and saw more of the same. In the afternoon we took a boat to the bottom of the falls, which was really relaxing.

Also, hippos are my new favorite animals. They are so cool, we saw tons of them. All in all, it was such a great time. Fred, our guide, was really cool. Ali and I are basically bffs with him now. Kinda. But the cool thing was that he was one of the first Watoto children :]

I understand the washing of feet now.

After walking an hour everyday to the babies home in the dirt and dust and mud with my old navy flip flops, I get it. I mean, I understood before, but now it has meaning. There is nothing better than having clean feet at the end of the day, because out here it gets pretty bad.

But now I get why washing other people's feet was an honor, you are once again humbling yourself and serving someone else, even though their feet will just get dirty again the next day.

God forgives us, makes us clean, and loves us, even when we just get dirty again the next day.
All glory to Him,

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