Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just Around the Corner

     We can plan all we want in this life, but the reality is that we simply don't know what is just around the corner. I've seen this truth played out in so many ways. Sometimes the thing just around the corner is wonderful and joyous. Other times it is heartbreaking and devastating. Other times it is neither good nor bad, just unexpected. But ALWAYS, it is part of a grander plan than we can't see or fathom, and ALWAYS our Heavenly Father sends his Spirit and His Son to accompany us through it.

     Today, July 24, 2011 drops of grace landed back in Malawi with a group of 13 people who are seeking the wonders of - just around the corner.  It took us 4 planes and 2 days (okay we stopped off in London for a quick 8 hour visit - that was neat) along with us came 28 suitcases filled with amazing items that our friends & family provided.  Do you know that we even have a wedding dress? It is beautiful.  A sweet young lady who is getting married to a wonderful Pastor didn't have a thing to wear.  A sweet young lady married to a wonderful Youth Pastor in the US had the perfect dress.  They are a match made in heaven. 

     In addition, we were given much needed prenatal vitamins and infant tylenol (an much more) and baby blankets, we developed 2 full weeks of early childhood education lessons, crafts, songs, and more.  We will be teaching the youth who are interested in carpentry as a trade how to build so we brought tools for them to have their own kits to start out with.  And we are going to be teaching the widows to hand sew, and create things for the early childhood centers so the children can learn to write their names while learning their ABC's.  

     You can see we will be busy.  Through your generous donations to us, drops raised some funds to support an Administration building where Theresa and her staff can provide futher training and education to the youth.  Did you know that over 60% of the Malawian people are 18 years old and younger!  Alarming right.  Who will be teaching these youth their values and skills to get a job to create a living for their families?  This Administration building can provide that.  We are excited to get this facility started.

     I am tired.  I think I will join the team and crawl under my mosquito net for some much needed sleep.  And then begin a journey with you tomorrow that together will bring us to see what is - just around the corner.

Be Blessed.

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