Saturday, October 17, 2009

Back in Kinshasa and on the way home

It has been quite a journey and we are on the home stretch.

We have experienced the DRC. Been there, done that, I want to come back.

We arrived back in Kinshasa after another adventure in air travel here in the Congo. After hops from Lodja to Chumbe to Kindu, we landed in Kinshasa about 5:15. The problem was that the plane the luggage was on, did not show up until about 7:30. No worries, we spent some quality time hanging out in baggage claim with about 100 new friends until the bags arrived. They did and all is well.

We are back at MPH today and spent the afternoon with David Law. They are drilling a well at the school and we watched that a while. Looked much like what we did in Honduras but on a larger scale. Ate supper (meatloaf and mashed potatoes, yum) with David and Laveta, met some more new friends and now back at MPH for the last night.

Tomorrow morning we expect to see Bishop Yemba early, then off to check luggage, then church, then lunch with the Laws and Dean Jordan, back here for a little while and hopefully a shower, then off to the airport for the flight out of Kinshasa at about 9:00. Back in Austin Monday evening and home.

It's been an awesome experience. It was not an easy trip but certainly one we needed and wanted to make. The needs here are many and resources are scarce. It will take time and money, and people committed to improving the conditions and the lives of the people here. It is happening now but there is a long way to go. The work being done in Diengenge(Lodja) , and Dengeli (Kataka Kombe), and Wembo Nyama will have a ripple effect in the region. This I know is true.

An update with pictures and stories will be posted when we return next week.

May god bless the people of the Congo and,

Zombi anyu chokoli
(God Bless you all)

Phil and Kip

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Anonymous said...

Incredible! Thanks so much for allowing us to be able to view a small part of your travels. You both have stayed on my heart and in my prayers. Very eager to hear all about your trip. May the Lord give you both rest and reward your labor of love.
God bless!
joni martel