Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No man; No beast; No mosquito will stop us!! - Mosquito???

The weather in Lodja, well actually the entire Congo, is very HOT and humid.  Today the high is 91 degrees but it feels like 96 degrees with 46% humidity and rain is forecasted for the rest of the week.  October is rainy season in the Congo and with that comes a ton of mud and stickiness.

The guys were mapping out the dam site and so they had to make the trek to the water.  Well if you've been keeping up with this blog you know that the walk is rather interesting.  It is a steep, rugged walk down through the jungle.  If you've done any hiking at all you know that going DOWN is not nearly as hard as going UP for most of us.  So the guys were going to do the mapping today and that meant a couple trips DOWN and then back UP the "hill."

Just a side as to their dress code: Being the ever cautious one, Kip brought with him all long sleeved shirts - he 'read' on the internet that it was recommended that you wear long sleeves to prevent mosquito bites and so being ever mindful of this Kip brought ALL long sleeves with him - Anyone who knows Dendy already knows that Dendy did not read the information on the net and so he probably packed a pair of jeans but he is most likely sporting a tshirt, a hat, shorts, and sandles - and that is how they roll....

Well after the first trek to the water and back the boys were a little winded; they drank some cold water; discussed the project; and back down they went.  On their way back up the hill our boys were feeling the elements - not to mention starting to grumble about the fact that their personal trainers were going to hear a thing or two from them about their training regiment - Anyway, back UP they were going when they came across a 9 month along pregnant lady with a 5 gallon water jug on her head going UP the hill to her home...  little disconcerting for our guys as she was not nearly as winded as they were.  She smiled and on she went to get back home to complete her chores, maybe give birth, and then do her laundry by hand.

This time UP they felt it for sure... they were just plum tuckered out.  They drank gaterade to replenish their electrolytes and rested.  Kip decided it was too blasted HOT for long sleeves and disregarding everything he read he decided to live the reality - he took scissors to his sleeves and now Kip is sporting short sleeves and not worrying about the mosquitos in the Congo.

The guys were successful in mapping the dam site and have left for Katako Kombe where there is a successful hydroram pump to check it out and then off to Wembo were they are assessing another site that is in desperate need to get water.  Please keep them in your prayers that they may continue to have the eyes to see and the wisdom to discern what God would reveal for drops and the people in the Congo.

God Bless,
Diane (on behalf of Kip and Phil)

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