Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kinshasa Today Lodja Tomorrow

Spent the day with David Law all around Kinshasa at the foundry, the Protestant Church of the Congo (ECC), flour mill, grocery store, boat yard, and other places many don't see.

The need is great in this country. It will take a while for it to sink in so we can adequately express it.

At the Methodist/Presbyterian Hostel (treating us very well by the way) we met some folks from Austin doing a documentary on the Lueba(sp) rebuilding a church and using (not the right term, or maybe it is) Don Bobb, another Austinite that was here and knew Burleigh Law and knows the Law family well. God has a way of making connections. Who knows what this one will lead to.

Kip is trying to teach me French. He speaks pretty much - none, and I speak zippo so between us we can say "we don't speak French" with a Texas Accent.

Tomorrow we meet a new friend, Dean Jordan who will accompany us to the airport and to Lodja where we will meet with Paul and Marty Law and continue the journey between Appointment Congo and drops of grace.

Thanks for the prayers and support.

We will post again when we get a chance.

Kip and Phil

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Anonymous said...

Greetings from Florida! We at the Rockledge United Methodist Church will keep Kip and Phil in our thoughts and prayers. Following you closely. Look for opportunities for marine consturction needs docks and sea/river walls, maybe we can help...Yours in Christ Rob and Jane Reuter